The fundamentals of online betting on sports

Betting on sports can be uncomplicated if you know how to navigate through the basics. Essentially, sports betting is about predicting the outcome of a game, and if it’s correct, you win. Of course, some intricacies are involved depending on the type of bets and the sports on which you are gambling.

We put together this online betting guide to help punters who are getting into sports gambling find their way without too much trouble. As much as gambling shouldn’t be considered a money-making source, it doesn’t hurt to gain profits from your wagers. For that, you must arm yourself with more than a few fundamentals of online sports betting, and this guide will prove more than useful.

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how to start your sports betting journey

What’s In This Guide

We tried to make as comprehensive a bet guide as possible by including a bit of everything. If you have never bet on sports online before, then you should go through the entire guide. However, you can jump to specific parts if something particular interests you. Here, you will find:

  1. a. Basics on different odds
  2. b. Different betting types
  3. c. Various types of games
  4. d. Tips

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We always remember walking into a high street bookmakers when we had just turned old enough to bet, we found the experience some what off putting because of the wide range of bets available! This page is a useful resource for anyone who is new to placing a bet as we cover the terminology used by online bookmakers.

How to Make a Bet?

Learning how to bet is critical for every punter. Reading or hearing about sports betting is one thing but actually deciding to put money in a particular wager is a different matter altogether. The first thing to learn is that bets have several components. One is the stake, which is the amount of money that you put on a wager. A selection is the aspect on which you are betting. For example, in a football match, you might bet on Team A to win; that is the selection.

Odds dictate the amount of money that a sportsbook pays out if a wager wins. Punters must be familiar with the elements as well as the various types of bets available in a particular market. Additionally, you should comprehend the distinction between an in-play and pre-match bet. The former occurs an as an event is happening, while the latter has to be made before the event starts.

What to Consider when Starting to Bet?

Knowing what to do and the mistakes to avoid saves you a lot for stress and money when sports betting. This online betting guide UK highlights some best practices to help punters get the most when gambling on sports.

a. Choose Which Sports to Bet On

Even though the popularity among sports varies, we can’t pinpoint one as the best. Online bookmakers cover many sports which gives punters almost endless possibilities. Choosing the sport to wager on is more personal than anything. You might already have a favourite, which makes this decision easy. If not, stick to sports that you at least know something about. When getting into a new sport, educate yourself on it before risking money. You can opt to concentrate on a single sport or gamble on a bunch of different ones.

b. Pick the Right Selections

If punters are to take one thing from this betting guide for beginners, it’s that selections are the core of sports betting. Anyone can say that Team A is going to beat Team B, but that is just guessing. Choosing betting selections is more than that. When making a selection, you have to consider the value, not just the complexity or the popularity of your choice. You should know the probabilities and potential payouts, as well. Also, avoid the complex selections until you are more skilled.

c. Compare Odds and Lines

One tip to choosing an online sportsbook is to find one with the best odds. The odds on a particular bet indicate what you stand to gain. Punters should know how to evaluate odds to see which ones offer the best value. A huge advantage of the influx of online bookmakers is that they are always trying to compete by providing the most attractive odds and lines. Therefore, if you are to land the best ones, take the time to shop around.

d. Control Your Emotions

Most of the mistakes that punters make are due to emotional decisions. Any betting guide by experienced professionals will reiterate the need to remain objective when gambling. Understandably, passions can run high, especially when wagering on your favourite sport.

To help keep your thinking as rational as possible, remind that sports betting has its risks. You betting budget should be money that you are comfortable losing to avoid getting desperate in case of a bad streak. Avoid succumbing to doubt, desperation, fear or frustration because these emotions can result in rash bets.

e. Keep a Record of Your Bets

Online sports betting allows you to improve with time. One way to achieve that is through an analysis of your past activities. Record keeping provides you with useful information that lets you evaluate past mistakes so that you can avoid them. By looking at previous gambling patterns, you can identify strengths and weaknesses. Performance analysis will also indicate your wins and losses, which will help you decide on the next steps.

f. Avoid Sucker Bets

Before asking, can I bet online? Learn what sucker bets are and how to avoid them. When learning about various kinds of bets, know about the best and worst ones to make in a particular sport. What constitutes a sucker bet?

It’s any wager that has a small value but is designed to look attractive. Only a punter with poor betting skills would make it. Hence, learn to recognise such wagers. Also, avoid strategies that would lead you to place bets with little or no value.

learn all there is to know about odds How betting odds work Implied probability explained


Odds – Click here to learn everything about betting odds. Our overview consists information about the Top 3 odds formats: Fractional, Decimal and American. We Brits are using fractions, but at the top betting sites will also see the chances presented in some of the other two formats. Learn how to convert them, calculate your winnings and why implied probability is so important.

learn all the different betting types Why Singles are best Accumulators Overview

Bet Types

Odds are important, but what matters most about sports betting is placing the right bets. Let’s say it like that, odds are the tool that turns proper wagers into actual winnings. In order to do so, you’ll have to learn to spot the right bet. This betting types guide will tell you everything about Single, Multiple and System bets and help you make the most of them.

Bet like a pro with value betting How to recognise value Bet’s value formula

Value Betting

You’ve always wanted to do it like the pros, don’t you? Well, we show you how to do so with this article. Value betting is a technique that is used by professional punters all around the globe. This article will explain to you the concept of value in sports betting terms and how to spot it.

different football bets explained 1X2, Goals, Specials Examples for different bets

Football bets

If you fancy a bet on tonight’s big game, then take a look at our guide to football betting and look at the vast range of bets that are available for the nation’s favourite game. First goalscorer to sacked managers we take a detailed look at the markets that are available. The best betting sites often offer a ridiculous abundance of various bets for the most anticipated events, such as the World Cup and UEFA Champions League. Go ahead and check them out.

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Horse racing bets

Betting on horses online sometimes involves the luck factor a bit more than the other sports. That’s why most times using systems for your bets on the nags will result in bigger winnings. If you don’t know your Tricasts from your Forecasts then this horse racing betting guide is for you! We delve into the often mysterious world of horse racing systems and give you the information to make an informed choice. We’ll help add value to those accas.

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Betting Fallacy

Does the Monte Carlo fallacy ring any bell with you? Can a gut feeling change the world around us? Can I wish hard enough to make something happen? Can we influence or predict the future? Have a look at our article on betting fallacies and decide for yourself. Avoid the common mistakes that a lot of gamblers make!

Betting Tips

optimise your betting habits Read some useful advice The DO’s and DONT’s of betting

No betting strategy is perfect and losing wagers can not never be totally eliminated from the ‘game’. However, we can use our years of experience as punters and help you optimise your betting habits in order to make your online bookmaker experience far more profitable. Be warned once again, following our suggestions won’t guarantee to take you to the land of milk and honey, but our advice is there for you to make decisions that are right for your playing style.

Accumulator Betting – A Guide for Beginners

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Accumulator betting can be the pathway to riches! With just a small stake you can win a life changing amount of money. To be so profitable, it must be complicated, right? Not a chance! Follow our dummies guide to accumulator betting and with step by step instructions you’ll be nailing them acca’s like a pro in no time. In our guide, we explain how accumulators work and why they are loved and placed by thousands of punters each and every week. Can you afford not to read this?