Patent Bet Explained

A Patent bet is one of the least complicated multiple systems in sports betting. If you have ever wagered on horse races, then you have come across Patent bets. In this guide, we explain how to place a Patent bet, calculating returns, picking winning selections and much more.

Best Bookies for Patent Bets

You have to find an online bookmaker that supports Patent betting if you are to capitalise on this wagering system. In the table below we compiled several top-rated bookmakers where punters can place Patent best on various sports. All our recommended bookmakers are licensed and registered.

The Top 3 Bookies for Patent Bets
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What is a Patent Bet?

A Patent bet is a multiple system wager that covers three selections with seven bets. It is similar to a Trixie, except that a Patent bet contains singles. So, you get to punt on three different selections with a trio of singles, three doubles and a treble. Due to the presence of single bets, this wager is considered a full cover bet. It means that if the treble doesn’t win, then the singles cover it. For this reason, the Patent bet system needs only one of the selections to win to return some kind of payout. The wager covers all potential outcomes, which is one of its biggest selling points. When you have at least three selections that you fancy to succeed, you can consider a Patent bet. Note that you can only use the bet on different events. For example, you can’t stake money on three horses in the same race.

Compared to most other combinations, Patent betting offers more security on your wagers. Although the return from a single winner might not be much, it’s still better than a total loss. So, if you are looking to expand your gambling knowledge into multiple betting, Patent bets are one place to start. The wager is common in horse racing betting. However, it applies to various other sports. In this guide, we focus on horse racing and football. Once you grasp how a Patent bet works in these markets, then you can use it in any other. Of course, you have to know the most suitable scenarios when to bet a Patent.

How Does a Patent Bet Work?

A Patent contains three single bets, three doubles and a treble. This type of system wager is suitable when gambling on markets with short odds. Patent bets are designed to generate a return even with a single winning selection.

Take an example of three football games where you bet on teams A, B and C to get chance at winning. In a straight treble bet, you would need all selections to be correct to get payouts. However, a Patent gives more room for failure. Even if all your combinations except one ends up losing, then you can still expect a return. Using the same example, a Patent bet with the above options would look like this: A, B, and C as singles, AB, AC and BC as doubles and A, B and C as the treble.

Patent bets can be either win-only or each-way. The above scenario is a straight win-bet. However, if you wish to increase potential payouts, you can go for an each-way Patent bet. In such a situation, you are wagering on your selections to win or place. Therefore, you will have twice the number of wagers, as well as double the total stakes. However, each-way bets are not available at every online bookmaker. Take the time to find an operator that offers competitive each-way prices.

Winning with a Patent Bet

Now that you have seen a patent bet explained, you might want to know how to win one and what type of returns to expect. In the example above, if all the teams lose, then your entire stake is gone, as well.

If one of the selections wins, then your Patent bet returns a portion of your stake. However, regardless of how good the odds are, winning one selection will most likely not be enough to cover the original stake.

If all three teams win, then you get the maximum return from the Patent. In the case of each-way Patent bets, if one team from the winning selections places, then you get returns according to the odds.

Although only one selection winning can generate a return, the aim is to get the best value for money. Therefore, you have to increase the chances of winning the whole multiple. With each winner, the payouts jump thanks to the doubles and treble.

Patent Bet in Horse Racing

Horse racing and Patent bets Horse racing is one of the biggest markets in online sports gambling. Punters have competitive odds to choose from and a long list of events. You can easily place a Patent bet if you intend to punt on three horses in different races. For instance, in a meet where you wish to back three picks – Karl Marx, Tour Des Champs and Seamus Mor – you can choose to spread the wagers in a Patent.

Therefore, you would cover all the combinations in three singles, three doubles and a treble. This bet is win-only. As with many sports, horse racing also allows each-way betting. If you find a bookmaker that is offering slightly more generous odds for the same selections, then an each-way Patent would be more lucrative. As with any other sport, ensure that before gambling on horses you learn about the market.

Patent Bet Example

Seeing the patent bet explained with an example helps clear out any doubts that you might still have about how to use the system for online sports betting. In the following example, we will use football matches because the sport is one of the most popular to play with a Patent bet. So, here are the games we bet on; Juventus vs Tottenham, Manchester Utd vs Ajax, PSG vs Liverpool.

We place a Patent bet of $5, bringing the total stakes to $35. Our picks are for Juventus to win at odds of 2.10, Manchester Utd to draw at odds of 3.20 and PSG to draw at odds of 3.00. If our prediction for the Manchester Utd game is correct, then the return will be $16 (5×3.20). Considering the stake was $35, this payout is a loss.If we get another winning selection, for example, Juventus, then the returns would increase. Both combinations would fetch $60.10. Winning all the selections would give you a total of $255.40.

A Patent bet can give you a nice return on your sports betting investment. You don’t have to worry about the math too much, though. An online bet calculator can do all the work. Some bookmakers offer calculators, but you can easily find one on the web.

Our Conclusion to Patent Betting

After having the Patent bet explained, it’s now easier to decide if it’s the right system for certain situations. The Patent bet is one of the simpler combination wagers that punters can use on various online sports. It is worth considering a Patent bet when you intend to stake on multiple events. Combination bets are appealing because they boost the payouts significantly compared to single bets. When sports betting online, you want to get value wherever you can find it. With this type of bet, you can spread your risk such that if one selection fails, winning the rest still ensures a return. Compared to a traditional accumulator, a Patent bet system offers insurance on your treble.

Even though you might know more about a Patent bet by now, remember the common tricks of online gambling. For one, pick the most suitable online sports to play with this bet. Horse racing, football and greyhound racing are the most popular, but you can use the bet on just about anything else. Evaluate odds carefully to ensure that you get good value. Remember that the price of your selections determines the returns. You can place a Patent bet when you have a good feeling about three events and prefer to wager on more than a traditional accumulator.

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FAQs to Patent Betting

💷 How much does a Patent bet cost?

Patent bets cost more than standard wagers due to the number of bets. You have to multiply the price of a single bet with all the wagers that make up the multiple. In this instance, you have to multiply your stake by seven. For example, if you were planning on a $1 wager, then your total stakes would be $7 ($1 x 7). If you prefer to bet a Patent each-way, then the stake would double. With an each-way wager, you are betting on two outcomes across all choices. Hence, a $1 bet would cost $14. Note that as with other system bets, a Patent doesn't allow you to stake on separate picks.

🧮 How many bets are in a Patent?

A Patent bet consists of three singles, three doubles and a treble. In total, it contains seven bets that you have to make across three events. Due to the bet combinations in a Patent, the bet is ideal when looking to spread your risk. The presence of single bets in the combination means that if the treble doesn't win, you can still get a payout. In an each-way Patent, the number of bets doubles because you are betting on your choices to win or place. So, the wager has 14 bets.

🤔 Is a Patent a good bet?

As with any bet, a Patent can be lucrative in the right circumstances. You have to know when to place a Patent bet if you are to get the most value from it. The biggest advantage of this system bet is that it makes a treble more attractive. Wagering on a treble is exciting due to the prospective returns. However, a straight-up treble would require all the selections to win, or you lose your entire bet. With a Patent bet, the singles cushion you from that risk. If any of the selections win, then you get a percentage of your stake back. Despite the number of bets in this system wager, you don't need to put a lot of money down to guarantee a decent win. A Patent bet is also a good choice if the events you intend to bet on have short odds.

🔎 What is the difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet?

A Patent can be called a Trixie with single bets because the two wagers are not very different. Both combinations contain three doubles and a treble that cover three different selections. The distinction is the presence of singles in a Patent bet. Because a Trixie doesn't include singles, it has four bets while a Patent has seven. Due to the lack of singles, the treble in a Trixie bet is not fully covered. For this reason, you need two picks to win to get returns. Therefore, a Patent bet is more likely to pay out a return but in exchange, you will have to spend more than you would on a Trixie. Because the two system bets are quite similar, you should evaluate sports markets carefully before deciding the most suitable alternative.