The Rounder Calculator: Find Out How Much You Can Earn

The Rounder bet is next up in our comprehensive guide to betting types. The Rounder bet is a conditional bet that changes its behaviour depending on the outcome of a result. Don’t worry if that sounds complicated. Our in-depth look at the Rounder bet will give you a good insight, and we will share our hints and tips on how to get the best value on your wagers. To help you even further, we introduce our Rounder calculator for you to use free-of-charge. This great tool is not only a Rounder returns calculator but also clearly displays potential profit.

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The Rounder bet is similar to the Union Jack Round Robin betting calculator due to the fact that there are conditional factors involved. While this is great news for the punter, as these bet types can boost winnings. The downside is that at bookmakers, the betting slip will only show potential winnings if all your selections are correct. If your gambling luck is as infrequent as ours, there will be times when you need to know, “what if?”. Our Rounder calculator will answer all those questions and much more, which enables you to place your Rounder bets with full confidence.

What is a Rounder Bet?

The Rounder bet is one of those bets that sound a lot more complicated than they really are. Taking a bit of time to understand these more obscure betting types can pay dividends in the long run, as many of the principles apply to other bet types.

If you have ever typed any Basic computer code or had to endure algebra at school, then the chances are you are aware of the fundamentals of a conditional bet. If A=1 then B=1, in other words, if A (Bet 1) = 1 (win) then place a bet on selection B.

In simple terms, the Rounder is a three-selection bet that consists of 3 Single bets and 3 conditional Doubles bets (also known as ‘Any To Come’ or ‘if cash’ bets) to twice the stake.

So this means that if the Single aspect of your bet is successful, twice the stake of the original bet is placed on a Double for two other selections. If there is a difference between the amount, the single earns once the double stake is taken, this amount is paid out as winnings. Once we talk you through a practical example shortly, it will make sense. The task is made much easier once we use the calculator.

How to use the Rounder Bet Calculator

Even the most technophobic can use our Rounder betting calculator, you don’t need to be a whizz on computers or even know much about betting to use the calculator. All you need to do is start at the top and fill in the relevant fields.

The first option you’ll see is the odds format picker. Most of us in the UK tend to use fractional odds, but as decimal odds are easy to understand at a glance, decimal odds are preselected, that can easily be changed with just a click. Entering your stake is next, you can either select the total stake you wish to make, and the Rounder betting calculator will display what your stake per line amount will be. Alternatively, type in a stake per line and the total cost of the bet will be shown. Now enter the odds of your three selections and the calculator will automatically display the return. The Rounder profit calculator aspect of the tool will remove the stake and clearly show just the profit.

If you want to see the impact of a selection losing, just change the ‘win’ dropdown to ‘lost’, and the figures change in real-time. It really is that easy.

  • Insert the stakeInsert the stake box showing £10Enter the total amount of your stake in this box
  • Choose the selectionsSelections menu of the Rounder calculator with three selections shownEnter the results of the selections and odds taken
  • Calculate the profitTotal return amount depicted by £50 and a money bagThe return and profit will be calculated automatically

A Practical Example

Rounder logo imposed over a dartboard

Let’s see how the Rounder returns calculator works with a real recent example that the team placed on darts betting.

It’s worth just recapping just so it’s clear that the Rounder bet is on three selections and contains three Singles and three Double Stakes About bets.

So, if single ‘A’ wins and let’s say you placed that single with a stake of £1. A £2 Double would be placed on selections ‘B’ and ‘C’. This process is repeated for single ‘B’ with the Double placed on ‘A’ and ‘C’ and single ‘C’ with the Double going on ‘A’ and ‘B’. If all three are successful. You win with three Singles and three Doubles.

In the Champions League qualifying tie between Nomme Kalju and Celtic, Celtic had a 5—0 lead from the first leg. We fancied a drop-in performance and an unlikely draw @ 6/1. Out two other selections were PSV to beat Basel @ 7/5 and Dinamo Zagreb to beat Saburtalo Tbilisi @ 1/6.

I complete the information, I use a unit stake of £6.66 to represent a bet of just under £20 and fill in the odds of 6/1, 7/5 and 1/6.

The Rounder profit calculator tells me instantly that I can make a £215.83 profit from the return of £235.32.

Why not try this yourself to see?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of this Calculator

While there are not many, if indeed any disadvantages of using our Rounder calculator, there are many advantages and being able to see the impact if one or two of my selections fails is one of them.

Up to now, the information that the it has produced is not any different to what we would have seen if we had made our selections at an online bookmaker. The potential winnings would be shown as £235.32.

However, the tool can tell us the difference in prices if one or more fails. Let’s imagine that Nomme Kalju did hold Celtic to a memorable draw (unless you are a Celtic fan that is!) and PSV win their game, but Dinamo Zagreb fail to beat Saburtalo Tbilisi. I change it to show selection 3 lost, instantly the figures change to a total return of £49.28, a profit of £29.30.

All this information above we wouldn’t have known without using the Rounder bet calculator.

What you need to consider when using this Calculator?
When to use this calculator? When shouldn’t you use this calculator?
To see what impact a loss will make to your bet If you are self-excluded from online betting sites
To calculate potential returns quickly If you cannot afford to lose your stake
To make sense of complicated systems If you are under the age of 18

Best Bonus to Play with on the Calculator

Compared to system bets like the Goliath Flag Bet, the Rounder bet is very pocket friendly. At £1 per line, it would only cost £3 to place. Due to the small cost and decent returns, many bettors take advantage of free bets available from bookmakers to place these bets. On this page, you can find many promotional offers, and you could be placing a Rounder bet using the bookies’ money, what could be better? If you are planning to take advantage of any special deal, we always strongly advise that you read the terms and conditions as not all types of bets can be used with these offers, and it can change from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Just a word of caution, please ensure you thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of any promotion you take. While 99% of the time, you’re unlikely to have a problem, we can all tell stories of when things didn’t go so well. For example, there is a big difference between £10 in free bets compared to up to £10 free matched bet. One gives you a guaranteed £10 which you can use to place as you like, the other is dependent on either the first bet you placed or the amount you deposited. Nothing worse than getting a 50p bonus when expecting a £10 one! Unfortunately, it’s a true story, but as you can tell, we are over it, we are not bitter…!

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