Check Your Bet Returns With the Roundabout Calculator

Our guide to all the different types of bets you can place online continues with our review of the Roundabout. This great conditional bet is becoming very popular with the betting community, and our in-depth look at this bet explores its strengths and weaknesses. To help you get the best out of the features, we are delighted to introduce our Roundabout calculator which is available free-of-charge on this page. With this great tool, you can, within seconds, work out any potential returns from your bet. No more trying to work out returns on the back of an envelope, our calculator will work out your returns in seconds.

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The Roundabout bet is similar to using Single Stakes About calculator, and the amount you can return is conditional on the results of your selections. This means that when you add your choices at a bookmaker, you’ll only see the amount returned if all three of your selections are correct. There will be situations when you need to know the returns if just one or two of your picks. And that is where our calculator comes in, it will quickly allow you to see returns in all scenarios, which lets you bet with confidence.

What is a Roundabout Bet?

The Roundabout is a three-selection bet and consists of 3 Single bets and 3 conditional Doubles bets (also known as ‘Any To Come’ or ‘if cash’ bets) to twice the stake.

If the Single aspect of your bet is successful, twice the stake of the original bet is placed on a Double for the other two selections. The exception to the rule is when one of your selections is at odds lower than evens, in that situation the full returns will go onto a double.

Don’t worry if it sounds very complicated, we’ll talk you through a practical example shortly, it isn’t as scary as it first appears and by using our Roundabout bet calculator. You’ll soon get the hang on it.

How to use the Roundabout Bet Calculator

Our tool is set out logically and is simple to complete. At the top of the Roundabout calculator, you will see the odds format, this is set at decimal by default but can be changed to fractions if, like us, you prefer to use them or even the American format. Next up is the stake type, here you choose whether you wish your stake to be applied per line or if the stake amount is for all selections combined. You would then need to enter how much stake you wish to place. Once done, you would then enter the odds of the three selections. The outcome fields will be set as ‘won’ so once you have completed the odds, the total outlay, total return and total profit fields will auto-populate to show you returns if all three are successful. To see what impact a selection losing would have, just change the outcome dropdown box to ‘lose’. And that’s all there is to it, our Roundabout betting calculator makes it so easy.

  • Insert the stakeInsert the stake box showing £10Enter the total amount of your stake in this box
  • Choose the selectionsSelections menu of the Roundabout calculator with three selections shownEnter the results of the selections and odds taken
  • Calculate the profitTotal return amount depicted by £50 and a money bagThe return and profit will be calculated automatically

A Practical Example

Roundabout imposed over a greyhound track Let’s see how the Roundabout returns calculator works with a real example.

It’s worth just recapping that the bet is on three selections and contains three singles and three Double Stakes About bets.

So, if single ‘A’ wins and let’s say you placed that single with a stake of £1. A £2 Double would be placed on selections ‘B’ and ‘C’. This process is repeated for single ‘B’ with the Double placed on ‘A’ and ‘C’ and single ‘C’ with the Double going on ‘A’ and ‘B’. If all three are successful. You win with three Singles and three Doubles.

The money gained from the three singles that aren’t placed on the double is banked. Therefore you can still see a return even if not all selections are correct.

Picking three horse racing betting races at random, we choose Rainbow Haze at 3/1 running at 12.50 at Vaal South Africa. The second choice is On My Mind at 10/3 at the 13.25 meeting at Vaal, and for the last selection, we chose Percy Prosecco at the 13.40 at Doncaster at 5/2.

I complete the information in the Roundabout returns calculator, I use a unit stake of £1 and fill in the odds of 3/1, 10/3 and 5/2.

The Roundabout profit calculator tells me instantly that I can make a £95.83 profit from the return of £98.83.

Why not try this yourself to see?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of this Calculator

While there are few if any disadvantages of using our Single Stakes About profit calculator, there are many advantages and being able to see the impact if one or two of my selections fail.

So far, all we have seen is the same information that we would see if we placed this bet at a bookmaker as the returns field would show the same returns figure of £98.83 that we saw in our example. So, let’s see what impact if not all are successful.

Using the Roundabout calculator, I change selection 1 (Rainbow Haze at 3/1) to a loss. Instantly the figures change, and we can see that the total return drops to £3.83, which is a profit of 83p.

I repeat the process and declare a loss on selection 2, this time the return is £3.50, realizing a 50p profit. Finally, we select a loss on selection 3, this shows a £4.33 return, a gain of £1.33.

All this information above we wouldn’t have known without using the Roundabout bet calculator.

What you need to consider when using this Calculator?
When to use this calculator? When shouldn’t you use this calculator?
To see what impact a loss will make to your bet If you are self-excluded from online betting sites
To calculate potential returns quickly If you cannot afford to lose your stake
To make sense of complicated systems If you are under the age of 18

Best Bonus to Play with on the Calculator

Compared to system bets like using the Goliath Flag calculator, the Roundabout bet is very pocket friendly. At £1 per line, it would only cost £3 to place. Due to the small cost and decent returns, many bettors take advantage of free bets available from bookmakers to place these bets. On this page, you can find many promotional offers, and you could be placing a Roundabout bet using the bookies’ money, what could be better? If you are planning to take advantage of any special deal, we always strongly advise that you read the terms and conditions as not all types of bets can be used with these offers, and it can change from bookmaker to bookmaker.

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