The Dutching Calculator: Work Out Your Profit Potential

On this page you will find everything related to our magnificent Dutching calculator. With this tool you will be able to expertly work out your bet in a quick and timely manner and you can see your profit potential in an instant. Every bettor should have this in their repertoire, and now you do! Check it out below and give it a whirl before reading through the full page for a complete understanding of this remarkable piece of equipment.

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Now you’ve had a try for yourself, we’d recommend reading through the rest of the page in order to garner the knowledge to utilise this tool to its fullest. We will provide with tips, examples, and even a handy bonus to use.

What is a Dutching Bet?

Before we proceed, we will explain what Dutching is. It is something you need to know if you are using this calculator. Basically, it is a betting method that uses differences in odds to make sure you secure a guaranteed a profit no matter the outcome of the event. In a sport such as when betting on cricket, there are three outcomes, a win, a draw, and a loss (or the away win), and you can cover all the different results and secure a small profit. By using this calculator, you can determine if the strategy will be profitable by comparing the prices on offer. You cannot use it for every game, as it is only successful if the odds on offer allow the right circumstances to be exploited. It must be noted that often times, only a marginal profit is secured, and is a rather outdated method.

Using the Dutching Bet Calculator – How to do it?

The Dutching bet calculator is very simple. Firstly, you need to have the odds from your event on hand and ready to input. If you are betting on a football match, there should be three selections on the screen, these represent the aforementioned win, draw, and loss. Add them to the empty boxes. There will also be a box for the stake amount at the top of the screen. Add your stake here, and you will immediately see the return and profit totals appear. This is an automatic process, and you do not have to click any buttons to make it happen. It is truly remarkable.

  • Insert the stake Insert the stake box showing £10 Enter the stake amount into the dedicated box at the top
  • Choose the selections Selections menu of the Dutching calculator wth three options shown Make sure the correct number of selections appear and enter the odds
  • Calculate the profit Total return amount depicted by £50 and a money bag Instantly receive your return and profit totals without lifting a finger

A Practical Example

Dutching imposed over a road Now we will give you an example of what using our Dutching calculator looks like.

We have to find a match with odds we can exploit.

An example that works would be the win at odds of 2.9 (19/10), the draw of 2.2 (6/5), and the away win at 6.5 (11/2).

In order to secure a profit, we need to back all of the permutations. We want to place a total stake of £100.

Our calculator determines on the win we place a stake of £36.18, on the draw, £47.69, and the away win £16.14.

No matter the outcome we will get a total return of £104.92, and a total profit of £4.92.

As you see, the profit isn’t massive, but at least it is something.

The Good and Bad of this Calculator

Using the Dutching betting calculator has numerous advantages, yet there are also some drawbacks. We do not shirk from our responsibility of giving you the chance of a fair assessment of our tool. That’s why we have provided you with a clear and easy-to-analyse table with both pros and cons listed. We’d recommend that you read through carefully and make sure this is the calculator for you. We are positive that it is!

What you need to consider when using this Calculator?
When to use this calculator? When shouldn’t you use this calculator?
If you need to see the different profit margins If you are unsure how to play this system
To compare odds prices quickly When you have been self-excluded
When seeing which bookie to play with If you are a beginner to sports betting

The Best Bonus to Use

When you are using our Dutching returns calculator, you want to be playing with the best bookies and using the best betting bonuses. Our dedicated team has chosen the most suitable one for this bet type and you can find it below. It is truly a great offer and is perfect for Dutching.

The Best Bonus for the Dutching Calculator?
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  • Easy sign-up process
  • Great markets on offer
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Discover all the Possibilities

Now we have come to the conclusion of the Dutching profit calculator page, we are sure you have found all the information you need. You may be surprised to hear that there is more. Our talented team of developers have spent countless hours making numerous other tools for all the betting types imaginable. It’s crazy to think how many bets you can use them with, just check out the enormous list below! We’d advise you to go through a few of them and see if you can use them on your other bets and try them out now, or go to the main betting calculator for a general overview.