How We Developed The Site – Our Process and Resources Used

Everybody that works in the field of web development knows how hard and time-consuming is the creation of an aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning, useful and informative website. When the team behind first got together we were very happy to embark on this journey but we also know that there were a lot of challenges ahead. Thankfully, we had a lot of inspiration and motivation and pretty soon found a very efficient way to work together. On this page we’ll share our formula for developing the site and the resources we used along the way.

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Our Formula for Creating a Great Web Page

As it often happens, the beginning of our collaboration was marked by confusion and lack of structure, but we were patient, professional and motivated and just kept at it. Several pages into the project and a few trial and errors later and we found our perfect formula:

Site Development - Research, Content, Design, Coding, Editing

This formula kind of became our mantra and helped us move forward a lot faster and more efficiently and bettered significantly our teamwork. Learn more about the different steps of our process in the paragraph below and find out which websites can help you for each of them.


The research part of the development of a web page is definitely the most time-consuming one. If you’ve seen some of the pages of our site you certainly have noticed how much data we’ve collected and arranged in different tables and infoboxes. In order to collect this information faster we used the help of a couple of freelancers that we found on upWork – one of the biggest online work platforms out there.

As far as the resources for our research go, except for the websites of the bookmakers themselves, we also often consulted the official website of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission – the only entity which can authorise websites to offer gambling products to British players. Another invaluable resource we used was the website of The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). As for ideas on how to arrange this information and present it in the most intuitive for the user way, we took great inspiration of sites similar to ours, no matter if they are in the field of sports betting or in gambling sites in general. Our three favourite sites to use are listed below:

On our site, you will also find information about responsible gambling and the prevention of underage gambling. We extracted the information on the topic from the websites of two of the major organisation which promote responsible gambling: Gamble Aware and GamCare.

Content Creation

Writing for the web is quite different from any other type of writing. In order to make it easier for the user, you have to break the text into many smaller sections and complement it with a lot of visual elements like sub-headings, tables and bullet points to aid the comprehension of the information. This is definitely something that isn’t taught in school and even though it’s quite logical, you can rarely see a page with content that truly stands out. In order to bring our website to the next level in terms of content and develop our writing skill we follow these very useful websites:

Web Design

Web Design ResourcesAfter we are ready with the content creation of a page, the turn of the design comes. In order to create a design that truly complements and enhances the understanding of the text, our content and design teams work very closely. We collect pictures, screenshots, icons and other materials that are needed for the webpage and then create a layout using Photoshop that’s intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some useful resources that our designers often turn to:


Web Development - Useful WebsitesWhen it comes to coding we try and create web pages that abide to the modern standards set by the The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The site is developed using HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript as well as jQuery. If you are new to web development and want to learn more about the markup and programming languages used in the creation of a modern website there are quite a lot of resources you can turn to, but we can honestly say that the best ones are the developer information website W3Schools and the famous website for online tutorials


After a page is written, coded and uploaded to the site, there’s usually a need to fit the content to the design and we often combine that with the proofreading of the text. When it comes to this there aren’t many tools that can really make a difference except for the proofreading tools of your text editor. Two good examples of online resources that can aid you in proofreading and editing your content are Hemingway App and the Word Reference Forum but other than that there’s nothing that even comes close to the human eye.