Roma Players Volunteer Wages to Help Club Through Crisis

Last updated: April 23, 2020 by Leon Marshal

The manager, players and support staff at Italian club Roma have volunteered to forgo four months salary to help the club with the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The players have also agreed to top-up the wages of furloughed staff, ensuring they receive their full salary.

In a gesture described as “superb” by Roma chief executive Guido Fienga, the players and management approached the club’s hierarchy with the offer. Fienga praised the manager and players and revealed that unity has always been a core value at the Italian club, he said this action proved that everyone at Roma was “in this together”. He added:

Edin Dzeko, all the players and Paulo have demonstrated they understand what this club stands for and we also thank them all for their superb gesture towards the employees at this club. Guido Fienga, Roma chief executive

The players and staff sent Fienga a letter in which they assured the chief executive that they were ready to start playing as soon as possible and would give maximum effort to achieve the club’s goals. They state however that they realise that commitment alone wouldn’t be enough, and that is why they are offering the financial hit to ensure the club can handle “the economic consequences of the current emergency”.

Premier League

In the Premier League, Arsenal’s first-team players and head coach Mikel Arteta have agreed to take a 12.5% cut to wages. A move that follows on from the club’s executive team who recently decided to waive more than a third of their salaries over the next 12 months in response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Announced yesterday, the “voluntary agreement” will see the manager, players and the club’s core coaching staff take a cut in their pay. However, if the club hit specific targets on the pitch, these monies will be returned.

Champions League qualification thought to be one of these conditions and would need the resumption of the Premier League for the club to achieve that goal. When play stopped in England, Arsenal was eight points behind a qualifying spot with ten games left to play. Five-Year-Old Makes £15.07 Ben White Bid With clubs in England likely to be facing a heavy financial burden due to the coronavirus in the coming months, if not years, one young enterprising Leeds United fan has tried to intervene.

Five-year-old Daniel Auton has been so impressed with Ben White, a player who is on loan at the Championship club from Brighton, that he wrote a letter to the Brighton chief executive, offering his pocket money for White to remain permanently. Daniel cheekily asked Paul Barber, “if at all possible, please, please, please (allow Leeds to) buy Ben at the end of the season”. The youngster added, “I have counted all my pennies in my piggy bank, and I have £15.07 if this helps.”

Barber wrote back to Daniel, saying: “We have given your kind offer the serious consideration it deserves, but I know our head coach, Graham Potter, and our technical director, Dan Ashworth, both consider Ben to be a very important part of our future plans. So I’m afraid we are unable to sell Ben to Leeds United at this time.” Despite this, Daniel’s hopes of the current Championship leaders sealing a deal for Ben White are not over, Leeds United’s owner tweeted encouragement to Daniel saying: “We will top up your offer for Ben and go back to Mr Barber.”