The Alphabet Calculator: See How Much You Can Earn

As you become more experienced with online sports betting, it’s a good idea to experience different bet types. As you will see from our guide, there are dozens to choose from, and there are pros and cons with all of them. Some bet types cover only a few permutations but offer attractive returns while others cover almost all eventualities but can be very expensive to place. Our Alphabet calculator can help you plan your bet, we’ll also share best practice on strategy. We’ll also explain why the order of selections you make can make a massive difference to your potential pay-out.

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If you have ever placed an Alphabet bet at a bookie, you may have noticed that the information on possible returns is minimal with only the returns shown if all selections are correct. Our alphabet bet calculator removes all the guesswork and enables you to see the consequences of different permutations. Allowing you to make your selections with confidence.

How an Alphabet Bet is Composed

The alphabet bet, as its name suggests, is really 26 bets rolled into one. When placing an alphabet bet you are placing 2 Patents (14 bets), 1 Yankee (11 bets) and a Six-fold accumulator (1 bet). This type of bet is extremely popular in football betting but can be used for betting on other sports or even a combination of different sports. The advantages of this type of bet are that you can cover 6 selections with a relatively small number of bets, which keeps the total cost of the bets down. Another reason this type of bet is so popular with punters is that bookmakers often add a bonus if all selections are correct. The bonus can be as much as 10% and can make a big difference to the amount won.

Using the Alphabet Bet Calculator

The Alphabet bet calculator is useful as this type of bet is one of the few bet types that involve a degree of strategy. Of course, the ideal result would be that all six selections win and the Alphabet returns calculator can tell you how much this will be.

However, not all selections need to win for you to see a return, as the bet also includes 2 Patent bets and a Yankee. The first Patent bet covers selections 1,2,3 and the second Patent contains 4,5,6 of your selections. Therefore, you may wish to include your lower risk selections with one Patent and group the higher risk selections in the other to enhance the chances of a return. The Alphabet betting calculator can help you decide which choices to group together.

The same is also true of the Yankee wager that is part of the Alphabet bet. The Yankee covers your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th selections so once again the Alphabet profit calculator can help you decide in which order to make your selections to maximise your returns. Remember that the 1st and the 6th of your selections are not included in the Yankee.

  • Insert the stake Insert the stake box showing £10 Enter the total amount of stake in this box

  • Choose the selections Selections menu of the Alphabet calculator with three options shown Input the results of the selections and odds taken

  • Calculate the profit Total return amount depicted by £50 and a money bag The calculator will automatically work out the return

A Practical Example

Alphabet imposed over a football pitch

With so many permutations involved the alphabet calculator proves invaluable to see how a different result can affect your returns. Therefore, using the Alphabet profit calculator can help you decide which order to make your selections.

For higher returns, ensure your higher value selections are within the Yankee positions of 2,3,4 and 5. Alternatively, you may wish to place your higher priced (and therefore less probable) selections as 1st or 6th choice which would still see a return, even if one or both lost, due to one of the Patent bets and the Yankee.

The Pros and Conss of this Calculator

With 26 bets taking place in the background, it can be challenging to keep track of all the elements in play with an Alphabet bet. Thankfully the Alphabet betting calculator makes it so easy to visualise the different impact results can have on your returns. A powerful example of this is to complete the Alphabet calculator with six selections using exactly the same odds. If we use £10 stake (well almost, 26 bets @ .38p = £9.88) for example with odds of 2.25 (5/4) we see a potential return of £113.23. Now if one result lets us down, this figure drops to £54.89 if selection 1 loses. But the biggest drop is if one of the middle selections fails, the figure then falls further to £30.73. This is information we wouldn’t have known without using the Alphabet returns calculator.

What you need to consider when using this Calculator?
When to use this calculator? When shouldn’t you use this calculator?
When you need to optimise the order of your bets If you are chasing losses
To work out the impact on a result on your bets If you have a gambling related problem
To help you assess high and low-risk strategies If you are unsure of the risks involved

Best Bonus to Play with on the Tool

Alphabet bets are available at almost all online betting sites. It’s worth reminding ourselves that to place an Alphabet bet, our stake is 26x the amount we wish to bet. So, if I wish to place with a stake of 10p, the total price would be £2.60. This is important to remember as some bookmakers have a minimum bet amount of 50p or even £1, this would make the minimum cost £13 or £26, respectively. This is a reason that many punters use their welcome bonuses to place Alphabet bets and you’ll find many bookmakers who are willing to give you free bets to try them. However, not all promotions are the same, so ensure you are aware of restrictions when accepting any promotions.

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